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Jenkins Logo Contest Submission

So for those who have not been keeping track and as far as I'm aware, Oracle acquired Sun and trademarked Hudson. The community decided to fork and rename their version Jenkins to avoid issues with Oracle. As part of this, they also need a new logo and they've asked for submissions.

Guidelines: vector only, large to favicon, english butler theme

So I made one!

My Jenkins Logo Attempt

Here's my attempt. I am not an artist or designer, but everyone has aspirations, right?

The basic idea was a butler, but I don't like the idea of putting a face on them. I figure the best butlers are so good that they are basically invisible. I also wanted to mask the identity/race/gender of the butler so it would be more universal.

I looked at pictures of different butlers and saw their arms look somewhat like a J while carrying trays. I tried to stylize the graphic to represent that shape. I also intentionally left the skin out to imply the invisibility I mentioned. The empty tray looked a little odd, so I added a name card to the top. The font is Baskerville semi-bold; the J looks very close to what I wanted. The card could easily be blanked and replaced with a version specific to the installation, which would keep more of the feel of Jenkins for a customized site than if the graphic were replaced entirely. The bit of white shirt showing also left an option for a tiny bit of personalization in the form of a cufflink.

This would fit fairly well in place of the current logo on the front page of Jenkins. The arm will seem to lead in from off the left side of the page.

This is a bit tall, though. It still looks pretty good with the arm cut out.

I cheated on the favicon, as so few colors didn't make a very discernible 16×16 icon. The J looked great, though, so I just used a 14pt version for the icon.

Anyway, that's my try. Maybe the community will like the idea enough to get someone to remake it properly. :)

Here's a zip of the files above plus the svg to make them: jenkins-logo-jeremy_murray.zip

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