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NAS4Free on HP MicroServer N40L

This is just a quick note on getting NAS4Free (and FreeNAS) to run on the HP Proliant MicroServer N40L when all your SATA drives are 3TB or bigger. Make sure you disable the RAID controller in the BIOS by changing the setting from RAID to AHCI. Without changing it, almost all of the BSD and Debian distros choke just after the boot loader. Several recovery distros did just fine without this change, so go figure.

With that done, I am now booting NAS4Free from a 1GB microSD in a very small USB converter attached to the N40L's internal USB port. Boot time is around 20 seconds. I have a ZFS mirror going on a pair of 3TB WD Red drives and I am getting 90-100MB/sec transfers from my Win7 desktop on GigE.

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