Who am I?

Hi, I'm Jeremy Murray. I am a software developer.

I am a version control/CI advocate, generalist, fast learner, team lead, problem solver, and trouble shooter. I am able to get things done despite limited resources. I love working with people and seeing projects completed.

I have experience in process improvement, version control, tool development, technical and non-technical training, public speaking, game development, project specification, project management, and ISO compliance - all while working in a highly regulated industry

I am most interested in identifying and addressing developer issues through process improvement, tool development, and training. I am also interested in technical/non-technical interface communication and mediation within and between teams.

I am also interested in civic applications, especially Open Data initiatives. I organized a Code4America brigade in Reno, NV and have been known to clean up bad data sets for fun.

If shooting for the moon, I would love an opportunity to do voice-over in a game, be in a AAA game's credits, and give a talk at GDC/WWDC.

I also enjoy video games, reading, and food. I was born in Wyoming, moved to Nevada for high school, and currently live in Reno. I have a wonderful wife, three delightful daughters, a rambunctious son, and a cranky marmalade ninja cat.

I'm currently looking for new opportunities in programming and related fields - please check out my profile on LinkedIn and my résumé links below.

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Balloon Theme

We live near a huge park in Reno - Rancho San Rafael. Every year right about the time the university starts up for fall semester, there is a huge balloon race. The kids love it and we always get tons of pictures. A field full of hot air balloons ascending at the same time is a surreal sight.

The base theme isincognitek by Daniel Sperl - it is both good looking and well documented.

The pictures here are made in Inkscape on a MacBook Pro based on pictures from the 2009 balloon race.

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